Spa Water Enhancers & Cleaners

Restore sparkle to your spa water

The SpaGuard line of cleaners and clarifiers improves the water's appearance, extends filter performance, and protects spa surfaces. Water enhancers not only get rid of cloudy water and make it brilliantly clear but also help your filter work more efficiently.

Why take the additional step of an enhancer?

Having beautiful, sparkling, clean and safe water allows you to enjoy spending time in your spa. Enhancers bring out the beauty in your water and keep your filter working at maximum efficiency so you have more time soaking and less time outside of your spa.


Spa Water Enhancers & Cleaners

Complete Experience

Spa Complete™

3-in-1 Intensity Formula that:

  • Keeps water amazingly clear
  • Softens water
  • Keeps spa clean
  • Smells great with a touch of lavender and eucalyptus
  • Learn more in our video!

Clear cloudy water and eliminate odors


  • Helps clear cloudy water
  • Does not affect pH
  • Combines small particles into larger ones for easier filtration

Enhance the look and feel of your spa water

Optimizer Plus®

  • Protects spa’s heater with built-in corrosion inhibitors
  • Gives water a soft and silky feel
  • Has a pleasant fragrance

Improve the look of the water and the spa surface


  • Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds and detergents
  • For use with all sanitizer types
  • For use in all spas and hot tubs

Stain & Scale Control

  • Prevents scale formation and cloudy water due to high calcium levels
  • Removes some scale build-up on spa surface, preventing damage to surfaces and circulation systems
  • Removes relatively fresh metal stains from spa surfaces

Clean and restore surface, filter and equipment

Natural Spa Enzyme

  • Eliminates oils by making them easier to remove
  • Improves water clarity
  • Reduces scum-line buildup
  • Helps keep spa water clear
  • Compatible with all spa water systems

Filter Brite®

  • Breaks down oils and dirt embedded in filter’s fabric
  • Helps keep water clear by promoting better filtration
  • Fast acting, easy to use

Swirl Away® Pipe Cleaner

  • Dissolves accumulated bath and body oils and aids in the prevention of build-up in the plumbing lines of your spa
  • Eliminates blocked or obstructed jets
  • Use prior to draining the spa to maintain the ultimate hydrotherapy experience
  • Strong and biodegradable formula

Swirl Away® II Surface Cleaner

  • Protects, beautifies and preserves acrylic and vinyl surfaces
  • Specially blended silicone cleaner and polisher
  • Good for tub surfaces and vinyl thermal covers
  • Easy spray application

Not sure which is the right tool to make your water sparkle?

Your SpaGuard Dealer can recommend the perfect products to get the job done!

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