Spa Water Balancers

Balance your water to prevent problems

Keeping the right balance of your spa water is necessary. Balancers control scale, adjust pH and total alkalinity and correct mineral imbalances.

How important is pH really?

Having the correct pH level in your spa is crucial to your soakers’ comfort and also protects your equipment from corrosion and scale. The ideal pH is 7.5 which is your eyes’ natural level. If the pH is too high or too low it can cause those pesky red, itchy eyes!


Spa Water Balancers

Maintain pH for improved comfort

Spa Sentry®*

  • Introduces a buffering compound, making pH easier to keep in balance
  • One easy step
  • Controls pH for up to two full months
*Spa Sentry should not be used in spas with plaster finishes, tile or grouting that contains calcium.

Increase your pH, alkalinity or calcium levels when they are below the ideal range

Balance Pak® 100

  • Eliminates “pH bounce” by balancing total alkalinity
  • Helps to prevent equipment and surface corrosion and damage
  • Easy to use, dissolves quickly

Balance Pak® 200

  • Raises the pH
  • Protects equipment from corrosion due to low pH
  • Balances water for bather comfort

Balance Pak® 300

  • Prevents corrosion of equipment due to low calcium hardness
  • Prevents etching of plaster due to low calcium hardness

Lower your pH when it rises above the ideal range

Lo ’n Slo®

  • Lowers the pH
  • Protects spa and equipment due to improper pH
  • Prevent cloudy water due to high pH
  • Balances water for bather comfort

Don’t know if your water is properly balanced?

Take a water sample to your SpaGuard Dealer for an ALEX® water analysis; they’ll get you on track!

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