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ALEX® Water Testing

SpaGuard pioneered the idea of computerized spa water analysis and we have continued to research and refine the process. Today, ALEX, our computerized water analysis system, provides accurate results in an instant. All you have to do is bring in a water sample from your pool or spa to your local SpaGuard Dealer and you’ll receive personalized step-by-step instructions for start-up, closing and maintenance. It’s that easy!

How is SpaGuard’s ALEX water testing different?

Here accuracy counts and we have it! Our test is fast and much more accurate than a simple dip of a test strip at spasideor a self-driven analysis using a computer or mobile application. That’s because we test for several parameters beyond the basics to understand how they may be influencing each other in order to avoid trial and error. Being right the first time saves you time and money.

On top of that, our local water care experts have been trained and certified. They will walk you through the results and are happy to explain anything you might have questions about. Our ALEX recommendations will be sound based upon the way you care for your spa and the accumulated knowledge of all your previous water tests.

Our goal is that you will not only be satisfied with the performance results, but that you gain confidence in the products and advice you receive.

Why should I test my water?

Fewer litres of water means changes in water balance happen more quickly in a spa than a pool. Regular water testing will help keep a spa clear, clean, and well balanced. Balanced water allows chemicals to work effectively to kill bacteria as well as protect spa surfaces and equipment from metals and scaling. By testing your water with our ALEX water analysis at your local SpaGuard dealer, you can rest assured that your water will be properly diagnosed and given a correct treatment regimen.

How often should I get my water tested?

Test your water frequently and adjust the balance and sanitizer levels as needed. How often depends on how often you use your spa, but it is recommended that you test the spa before each use and have your SpaGuard professional test a sample every month during your seasons of highest use.

Why did we name our water testing software ALEX?

ALEX stands for analysis expert, which is who we are.

Stop in Today and See for Yourself Why ALEX is Better!

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